Frugal Edible Christmas Tree – start to grow now

It’s almost July, and exactly six months away from Christmas. So, what can we do now to create an extremely unique gift for just pennies?

Growing your own food is all the rage. It’s a way to keep the grocery bill down. If you are anything like me, I don’t like to spend money on fresh herbs. However, if I can grow it, I’ll use it in the kitchen. Herbs are also extremely easy to grow.

This year, let’s  try to grow rosemary Christmas Trees. This isn’t a new idea or anything. If we start now, we may have great success. How hard can it be? This will be a great frugal edible Christmas tree!

  1. Take 4″ cuttings from existing rosemary plants or bushes from your yard or get some from friends.
  2. Pull the leaves off the bottom 2″.
  3. Plant in recycled containers or pots.

What else can we grow to look like a Christmas tree?


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