Real Christmas Tree and Wreath

Pick a theme you can carry throughout the space, so that when you stand and see other decorations they do not clash in color. For the public spaces in this office, we kept it with silver, bright green, and rich purple’s. 

  • Six foot fresh-cut tree from Kula Botanical Garden $63
  • Matte Green Balls – Flora-Dec $0.59 each
  • Bright Purple Balls – Walmart $15
  • Silver Ribbon – Costco $6.99
  • Wreath – Cosco $15.99
  • Lights – recycled FREE
  • Glittered Green Ribbon – FREE – recycled from last year
  • Tree skirt fabric – recycled white tablecloth FREE
  • Glittery floral stems – recycled from last year FREE
  • Lighted sliver and white angel – Walgreen’s $9.99

TIP: Use floral wire to secure balls and decorations to your tree.

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